Our ropes challenge course is located on the other side of the creek that runs through the retreat.

A Ropes Course in general can consist of High, Low or a combination of both design elements.  Whatshan Ropes Course is a Low Ropes Course that consists of an aesthetically designed series of ropes, cables and logs combined in such a way as to stimulate challenges that might be found in a natural setting.

Safety and cooperation, as well as individual achievement, are essential to the program.  These qualities are emphasized by trained instructors who guide groups through the course.

The experience includes a variety of sessions planned around the various obstacles in order to examine and share common reactions, insights and emotions such as joy, fear, fatigue, compassion, laughter and love.

Find out how your group or organization can hire one of their certified instructors to take you through the circuit in the forest to help build teams; help build confidence. And have some fun at the same time!