Empowering youth to a healthy life

Freedom Quest focuses on empowering youth and families in their journey to a healthy life.

Freedom Quest is an organization that believes in working cooperatively with every person in their journey to a healthy life. They offer confidential services to Youth and Families throughout the West Kootenay Boundary area ranging from youth drug and alcohol prevention, counseling and support, to family support and referral.

They approach treatment by encompassing the behavioral, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional facets of life and incorporate this philosophy into their program content. Some of that content includes outings at Whatshan Lake Retreat and its ropes challenge course.

Freedom Quest’s innovative programs are progressive and diverse, utilizing a harm reduction approach, ensuring that people who use their services are treated as individuals and are receiving the best possible services for their needs.

The Whatshan Lake Retreat is proud to support Freedom Quest, as one of many organizations, with its services to youth and families throughout the West Kootenay Boundary area. In conjunction with its community partners like the DHRS, Freedom Quest is able to offer a continuum of services ensuring youth and families do not fall through the cracks, that they are informed and are able to access these free services to help lead the way to a healthier life.